SPY PETS: From authors MéLisa Lomelino and Ryun Hovind comes this hilarious mystery book series for children ages 6-9.

Skip may look like a regular dog, but in fact he is a member of a secret group of agents known as the Spy Pets. Each pet swears an oath to protect their owner no matter what. When Skip goes with his owner Abby to her softball game his only concern is to get a hotdog. That is until Abby's phone goes missing. Is her phone lost or was it stolen? Time is running out. Skip only has till the end of the game to figure out the mystery.

The Spy Pets series is for children ages 6 to 9. Each book is filled with a fun exciting mystery and lots of animals. Your child will love using their detective skills with these safe, easy to read chapter books full of pictures. *Books in the Spy Pets series are standalone and can be read out of order.