MéLisa and Ryun. Comedians & Adoptive Parents.

For over twenty years MéLisa Lomelino and Ryun Hovind have been partners in life and in art. Together they co-founded their production company MELISA AND RYUN PRODUCTIONS, which focuses on producing family-friendly film, TV, music and books. Family is the central theme for their art and they often include their six adopted children to be part of the creative process. MeLisa Lomelino and Ryun Hovind

MéLisa and Ryun have created multiple TV series together including; THE ODD SQUAD, FOREVER FAMILY and DRIVE US CRAZY. Music from their debut album MELISA AND RYUN was featured on MTV. Short films they have written and directed have been played at film festivals around the country including the Sundance Film Festival.

Currently MéLisa and Ryun are focusing their artistic endeavors in children’s books. Their flagship mystery series SPY PETS features a secret league of animals who protect their child owners from danger. Coming soon is SISTER DETECTIVES featuring the couple’s real-life daughters Giselle, Mercedes and Evangeline. They star as sisters adopted into a filmmaking family who solve crimes as they travel the globe with their movie maker parents.

If the plot for SISTER DETECTIVES sounds familiar, it’s because for MéLisa and Ryun art imitates life and in their family the two always combine seamlessly together.