MéLisa and Ryun. Comedians & Adoptive Parents.

For the 17 years they’ve been married, high school sweethearts MéLisa and Ryun have always had two passions: adoption & making entertainment. In their early 20′s they chose adoption over having biological children and became foster parents. They adopted three children, started a production company, and began filming a variety of short comedies.

MéLisa and Ryun have always included their kids in front of and behind the camera. MéLisa says, “Our kids laugh a lot, either with us or at us.” With MéLisa at the production helm and Ryun in charge of post production, the pair compliment each other from project start to finish. Ryun says “Some people have sports families, we have an entertainment family.”

The couple relocated to Los Angeles in 2006, taking their dreams to the next level. They got relicensed as foster parents, adopted 3 sisters and got the camera rolling again. Filming comedy shorts with their kids morphed into their reality series “Forever Family.” The show featured MéLisa and Ryun blending their unique family of 6 adopted children. The show’s trailer went viral, getting over a million views on YouTube.

Now in 2014 MéLisa and Ryun have once again combined their two loves and have set out to create a family friendly YouTube channel with multiple series. The flagship show for the channel is the reality series “Drive Us Crazy.” With their sons grown and out of the house, the series features Ryun as the last man standing with 5 quick-witted girls. Next up is the scripted kids sketch series “The Odd Squad” which highlights the comedic aspects of growing up. More series are slated for this year including an animated show.

MéLisa and Ryun agree, “For us it’s always about how we can combine our art with our heart and making shows with our kids allows us to do both.”